Multiple Teams · 2019 Summer Youth Soccer Camp



2019 Youth Soccer Camp

  • Camp Registration

    Please completely fill out the information below to register for the high school team camp. The cost is $20 and can be paid online through pay pal (credit and debit card accepted) or in cash to Allan McFarland or Mitchell DeHoff anytime before or on the first day of camp. (If you'd like to pay using a check please make it payable to Allan McFarland). Contact Coach McFarland or Coach DeHoff for more information
  • Release Form:

    In consideration of the acceptance of this application for registration, I , legally bound hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrator, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages against JCHS or Allan McFarland or Mitchell DeHoff or their representatives and/or assignee's, for any and all damages sustained and suffered in connection with entry in this camp, or which may arise from travel to or from the camp, as well as participation in the camp as well as its facilities.
  • Payment

    When you click submit you will be taken to a pay pal page to pay $20 online. You can use a PayPal account or pay online via credit or debit card. If you wish to pay in person just exit from the page. Your registration will be saved and you will pay in person on or before the first day of camp
  • Price: $20.00