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The Junction City cross country team set 28 new personal best at the Salina Invitational.

The Junction City cross country team ran in the Salina Invitational on Saturday. At the meet, the Blue Jays set 28 new personal records. The Junction City High School cross country team competed in the Salina Invitational on Saturday morning.  With ideal racing conditions with sunny clear skies and the temperature hovering around 45 degrees, the team put together their best performances of the season.


Cassidy Eschliman running her season-best time in Salina.
Malia Silva finished with a new PR in Salina.

The day began with Cassidy Eschliman and Malia Silva running in the girls’ varsity race.  Eschliman finished in 29th running a season-best 22:40 while Silva ran a new career PR of 23:57 finishing in 38th place.

Mariah Parrott finished in 6th place in the Salina JV race. She completed the 5K in 22:59.
Mia Perusich finished in 20th place in the Salina JV race.

The girls’ junior varsity finished third in the race.  They were lead by Mariah Parrott who ran 22:59 and finished in 6th place.

Girls JV results

6. Mariah Parrott 22:59PR
20. Mia Perusich 24:46PR
24. Murin Burkett 25:13 SR
33. Mya Silva 26:40PR
38. Patience Okemba 27:05PR
39. Kayla McCollum 27:23PR
43. Haley Sowder 28:43 SR
45. Leslie Rios 30:03PR
47. Emma Ferschl 30:51PR
49. Abigail Ticknor 31:36  


Hayden Diestelkmap
Isaiah Smith
Dain Yale
Tate Miller
Carlos Lozno
Ja Veon Richardson

The boys’ varsity team was feeling good during the second race of the day.  They placed 7th as a team.  The boys set four new PRs during the race and three season-best.

23. Isaiah Smith 17:55PR
37. Hayden Diestelkamp 18:33PR
42. Dain Yale 19:03SR
44. Tate Miller 19:07PR
47. Carlos Lozano 19:24SR
49. Ja Veon Richardson 19:31PR
52. Kenlin Ortiz 19:41SR


The boys junior varsity finished in 4th place.  The JV boys set 17 new PRs and one season record.  They were lead by Abner Gonzalez and Jett Harter.

27. Abner Gonzalez 20:15PR
30. Jet Harter 20:20PR
32. Bryan Gonzalez 20:29 SR
33. Aidan Gold 20:31PR
35. Timothy Sifuentes 20:36
48. Francisco Fuentes 21:22PR
52. LaVon Nichol’s-Powell 21:32PR
53. Hayden Perusich 21:34PR
63. Tyler Martinez 22:03PR
66. Joesph Hill 22:11PR
72. Jacob Alvarez 22:29PR
75. Dorian Church 22:48PR
77. Blake Duncan 22:59PR
78. Ja Shean Richardson 23:00PR
86. Connor Gadberry 25:19PR
87. Koltyn Wallace 25:19PR
88. Diego Hernandez 25:48PR
93. Caden Collette 28:13PR
94. Alejandro Prado 28:13PR