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Junction City High School Swim Team

Head Coach: Beth Schlesener

Assistant Coach: Katie Winnie


Thursday March 25                                      3:30 pm              Salina South              Salina South High School

Wednesday March 31                                 4:00 pm              Topeka               Capitol Federal Natatorium

Thursday April 1                                           4:00 pm              Topeka               Capitol Federal Natatorium

Thursday April 8                                           4:00 pm              Topeka               Capitol Federal Natatorium

Wednesday April 14                                    4 pm                    Topeka               Capitol Federal Natatorium

Friday April 23                                              3:30 pm              Salina South              Salina South High School

Monday April 26                                          4 pm                    Hays                    Hays Medical Center

Tuesday May 4                                             4 pm                    Topeka               Capitol Federal Natatorium

Thursday May 6                                            3:30 pm              Salina South              Salina South High School

Thursday May 14                                         4:00 pm              Topeka               Capitol Federal Natatorium

Friday/Saturday 21/22                                TBA                      Topeka               STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS



Swim practice is Monday through Thursday 4 pm – 5:20 pm and Friday 4 pm – 5:45 pm at the Junction City Y.M.C.A. The pool and pool area are quite warm so athletes are required to have water with them at all practices. If you are an asthmatic, please have your inhaler on the pool deck with you. You are required to wear jammers, a swim cap, and goggles at every practice. You will also be required to bring your school swim team bag with you with all necessary equipment every day. Please bring two towels to each practice. Students that cannot drive to practice are required to ride the bus to the Y.M.C.A. In order to drive to practice you must have filled out the proper paperwork with the athletic office. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be warned and a parent will be called. The second time will result in being dismissed from the team. If you do not have your physical done by the first day of practice, you will not make the team. The locker room are NOT secure, please leave wallets and phones in the car or leave them on the table in the pool area with me and the managers.

The Y.M.C.A. facilities are to be treated with respect. Leave it nicer than you found it should be your motto. When finished in the locker rooms, the floors need to be wiped down with a towel that you can get from the front desk. No running, yelling, bullying, hazing, disrespecting other customers, etc. will be tolerated. There is no diving into the pool unless we are doing dives from the blocks as a team.


It is our expectation that students/athletes be in school and at every practice every day. In the past, I have made exceptions for other activities but with our shortened practice schedule, this will no longer happen. To be at the caliber we need you to be, you must be able to attend all practices. If you are at school and fail to make it to practice, it is UNEXCUSED. 1 unexcused absence = sitting out at the next meet. 3 unexcused absences = dismissal from the team. If you are late because a teacher held you after school, I need an email or a note with the following: 1. Name of teacher 2. Time they dismissed you 3. A school number they can be reached. Your job as a student is to make sure all of your work is completed during school so you do not have to miss practice. DETENTION IS AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.

YOU MUST CONTACT A COACH IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE OR MISS A PRACTICE! If you decide to quit the team, you must communicate with the coaches and get your equipment turned in. Work is not a valid excuse for missing practice. Give your employer a copy of your schedule so there are no scheduling conflicts. Any student caught skipping school will sit out the next meet and the second offense will result in your dismissal from the team.


We have 10 scheduled meets this season. They are all away meets so you will be missing school. It is your responsibility to notify teachers BEFORE your absence to get any missing work and to reschedule tests. You are expected to follow the KSHSAA rules for eligibility.


Swimmers are to ride the bus to and from the meet. We appreciate parents that attend the meets, but your swimmer will be riding home with the team. Please make sure you pick your swimmer up in a timely fashion. Snacks and drinks will be provided by parent volunteers. Someone will contact you via e-mail with a sign-up sheet. You will need at least two towels at each meet and goggles, swim team suit, and team swim cap.


Lettering in swim requires the swimmers to accumulate 5 or more credits per season, based on the following:

  1. Scoring 50 points or more throughout the season = 1 credit
  2. Attending 90% of all mandatory practices – 1 credit
  3. Complete 4 seasons of swim team = 1 credit
  4. Attend all meets in their entirety = 1 credit
  5. Place top 8 at league = 1 credit per event placed in
  6. Display good sportsmanship, citizenship, and conduct at meets and practices = 1 credit
  7. Finish the season in good standing

Any swimmer in violation of the JCHS drug, alcohol, or tobacco policies during their season with the JCHS Swim Team will be ineligible for a letter. Swimmers with 3 or more unexcused absences will not be eligible to letter.

Let’s have a great Season!

Coach Schlesener       785.717.4432

Coach Winnie               785.717.4642