Match Day Guidelines

Match Day Guidelines


  1. Win, Lose, or draw, JCHS wrestlers will display good sportsmanship.


  1. All non-varsity wrestlers are required to prepare and break down the mats at home meets.


  1. Take care of your personal grooming the day before the match. (Hair, finger nails, shaving, etc.)


  1. Sit with the team during the match; you will sit with the team. Your help is needed for the person on the mat. Support your teammates.


  1. Everyone will make weight for all wrestling matches and tournaments. Last minute problems, injuries, etc., may change our lineup. We need everyone on weight to maximize our performance.


  1. Wear nice clothes the day of the match. If you dress like a champion, you’ll look like a champion, and wrestle like a champion. Intimidation is achieved in subtle ways.


  1. During a tournament you will stay with the team. While in the bleachers, listen for your match number. Be warmed up and ready to wrestle before you are called. We know that you all have families and friends, but you are there to wrestle not socialize.


  1. During a tournament, other wrestlers may try to talk or psyche you out. Be polite, but don’t converse with them. Stay away from their team area. You are with JCHS, no one else.


  1. Everyone on the team will stay until the match or tournament is over. Anyone leaving before they have been dismissed will face disciplinary action. Exceptions will be allowed when previous arrangements have been made with the coach.


  1. You will be provided singlets and warm-ups for the matches. You may wear approved JCHS T-shirts underneath you warm-up top. Other clothes will not be allowed (hats, shorts, etc). Make sure your equipment is in good shape.


  1. When drinking or eating, remember to get quality fluids and calories. Natural fruits, carbohydrates, and good nutrition are the keys to success on the mat. Water is the best fluid for you to drink.