Wrestling Program and Philosophy

Wrestling Program Philosophies and Guidelines

  1. The safety and well-being of any wrestler is the prime consideration prior to any competition or practice.
  2. Participation in the wrestling program is a privilege. Failure to meet school or team guidelines is grounds for dismissal.
  3. Wrestler will demonstrate sportsmanship and proper conduct during school, practice and meets, or when traveling. Wrestlers represent J.C.H.S as students and athletes.
  4. Wrestlers must attend all scheduled practices, matches, and/or tournaments as directed by the coaches.
  5. The coaches encourage your ACADEMIC and athletic successes. Your academic success is our primary concern. Grades are checked throughout the school year.
  6. Proper courtesy and respect will be given to the other teams, coaches, spectators, managers, teammates, and official or referee.
  7. Wrestlers will accept the outcomes off all matches with good sportsmanship. Coaches alone are responsible for working with any official or referee.
  8. The measure of a true athlete is to be able to diagnose mistakes and improve on them. (At the time, a wrestler’s match is the most important thing in the world.) Wrestlers will give 100%, and accept those few minutes as their best. Win or lose, improvement is our goal.
  9. We believe in the use of safe and appropriate weight reduction programs for those wrestlers (involved with) losing weight. One weight control program is listed in this manual.
  10. Wresting instills confidence and encourages dedication. Other important life skills: friendship, teamwork, school, employment, and family.
  11. All Wrestlers earn team positions through competition. Any wrestler who strives to improve will be given an opportunity to compete in matches when opponents are available. Our wrestlers will challenge more skilled teammates to improve personally and athletically.